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Our promise

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We're committed to being open, inclusive, and supportive to all. Our workforce includes talented people from every background. We welcome and value new ideas, different experiences, and fresh perspectives.

For us, supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce is more than the right thing to do. It makes us stronger as a business and more innovative as a group — positioning us to be highly effective at serving our customers and communities.


Business Resource Groups

Our BRGs serve and operate as an inclusive network of employees who work to share personal knowledge and experiences to enhance professional growth, promote cultural competency and multicultural awareness, and positively impact our company’s bottom line.

Abilities raises awareness of the needs of, and offers support to, people with disabilities and their caregivers in the workplace, marketplace, community, and patient experience. Abilities encourages workplace inclusion, equality of opportunity, and best practices in recruitment. Its members also build community partnerships through educational-to-career experiences for students with disabilities, advocate accessibility to Highmark Health facilities, act as a champion for customers with disabilities, and serve as a voice for those who care for or support people with disabilities.

Black Organization for Leadership & Development (BOLD) serves to support the strategic initiative to empower Black employees in achieving great business results for the workplace, marketplace, community, and patient experience. BOLD supports and inspires employees through its activities, relationships, leadership development, unique perspectives, and commitment to advancing corporate goals while creating an environment that celebrates diversity within the organization and throughout the community.

EAST is to engage and connect global communities from Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander backgrounds. Its purpose is to enhance professional growth for employees, promote cultural humility, learning, and multicultural awareness across the organization, and also provide insights that will help Highmark Health companies to better understand and meet the needs of their customers.

NEXT! leverages the unique skills and abilities of Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z employees to influence our direction and relevance in the workplace, marketplace, community, and patient experience. NEXT! promotes cross-generational understanding, collaboration, and leadership, and leads initiatives and programs that explore career paths and professional development across the enterprise.

People Respecting Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality (PRIDE) leverages diverse experiences to help promote inclusion among employees, enrich community outreach efforts, and foster workplace excellence. The PRIDE BRG acts as a close partner and focus group in helping our organization achieve best practices in LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workplace and our marketplace.

Strengthening Awareness of Latino culture Using and understanding Diversity (SALUD) leverages our Latino and Hispanic talent to develop business opportunities in the workplace, marketplace, and community. SALUD collaborates and partners with the Latino and Hispanic community to support customer needs and enterprise efforts to recruit and retain diverse talent. The group promotes personal accountability and equitable opportunity of diverse talent through professional development programs and supports marketplace excellence through education of multicultural business and language capabilities.

Seasoned leverages the extensive workplace experiences of employees who are age 60 and up (and our valuable allies and their unique perspectives) to extend Highmark Health's DEI mission. On an individual level, Seasoned strengthens members' sense of belonging and value. Seasoned does this through serving the communities within our markets, representing our customer cohort, promoting collaboration, advocating for one another, and investing in ongoing educational opportunities.

Provides a platform for the communication and sharing of common challenges and opportunities, and establishes a network for promoting the professional development of employees. VETS partners closely with business leaders to leverage the viewpoints of military personnel and veterans in areas such as recruitment, retention and professional development, and it served as a fundamental resource in developing an enterprise-wide military and veteran talent strategy. The group also fosters community partnerships through volunteer opportunities and fundraisers to help military and veteran families.

Women of Highmark Health leverages the perspectives of women within the diverse markets and partners with senior leadership across the enterprise to develop campaigns, products, and services that empower women through all walks of life. The Women of Highmark Health BRG also develops strategic initiatives to retain, develop, and attract high-performing women in leadership roles through a series of personal and professional development programs and initiatives in which members share information, volunteer, mentor, and learn from peers and women executives within our organization. The Women of Highmark Health BRG champions workplace benefits that support women in their careers and strives to equip women with tools and resources to make successful decisions in health care, finances, and professional development.

Awards & Recognition

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations:

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