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We believe in building an inclusive culture. We know it is critical to advancing business, satisfying customers, retaining talent and driving innovation.

Diversity & Inclusion

Highmark Health fosters an environment where openness, inclusiveness and supportiveness are extended to all. It’s not just a policy. It’s a real way of working that ensures we are attracting talented people from every background and welcoming individuals with new ideas, different experiences and fresh perspectives. By being inclusive, we’re stronger as a business, more innovative as a group, more open and more collaborative in our partnerships.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

BRGs serve and operate as an inclusive network of employees under corporate sponsorship that leverage and share personal knowledge and experiences to enhance professional growth, promote cultural competency and multicultural awareness and positively impact the company’s bottom line. They contribute to our competitive advantage in the health care industry by enhancing our organizational capability through targeted market intelligence, development of human capital, diverse leadership development and community outreach programs. Click the links below to explore each group:


Abilities BRG was founded in 2012 to raise awareness about the needs of, and offer support to, people with disabilities and their caregivers in the workplace, marketplace and community; in addition to advocating for accessibility, the group’s activities include hosting educational-to-career experiences for students with disabilities.

The Abilities BRG encourages workplace inclusion, equality of opportunity and best practice in recruitment. They also help Highmark Health to build strong community partnerships, advocating accessibility to Highmark Health facilities; acting as a champion for customers with disabilities; and also being a voice for those who care for or support people with disabilities.

B-Net (Black Network)

B-Net, is made up of African-American employees and allies; key projects include the African-American Heritage Day Parade and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, as well as ongoing mentoring, development and health and wellness activities.

While B-Net plays a critical role in providing support, encouragement and inspiration to employees who choose to become members, it also helps to create an overall environment that celebrates diversity within the organization and throughout the community.

B-Net creates important value for Highmark Health as a whole through its activities, relationships, leadership development, unique perspectives and a commitment to advancing corporate goals.


GenNEXT is a cross-generational BRG whose vision is “to be an influential partner fostering an environment of generational inclusion and inspiring a culture of innovation”; the group is particularly active in networking and professional development.

Highmark Health’s GenNEXT BRG does not focus on any single generation. Instead, GenNEXT focuses on how different generations can best join together in the workplace. This commitment is reflected in many initiatives which endeavor to build relationships and opportunities across the workplace, breaking down traditional barriers created by hierarchy, age or perceived status.

For example, the GenNEXT BRG regularly hosts events to promote mentoring within the organization, generating opportunities for employees at different stages in their careers to interact with enterprise leaders. These events help to promote openness and collaboration, creating an environment where ideas can be shared freely.

LGBTA Network

LGBTA Network is Highmark Health’s LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies) BRG. It’s mission is to bring together Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees and their allies; LGBTA’s many activities include annual Pride Festivals in Pittsburgh and Central Pennsylvania, as well as National Coming Out Day.

The LGBTA Network was established in 2009 and is now a powerful force for change within the organization, helping to cultivate openness and to encourage different thinking from the very top of the organization down.

The LGBTA Network is helping to ensure that each Highmark Health company is the best LGBT employer that it can be, plays a role in helping to ensure that the company offers the right insurance products and health care services to serve LGBT individuals in our communities.


SALUD stands for Strengthening Awareness of Latino culture by using and understanding Diversity; activities include a range of multicultural and health and wellness projects, as well as advocating for and assisting with Spanish translation services.

SALUD collaborates with the Latino community to support customer needs and supports the Highmark Health enterprise’s efforts to recruit and retain diverse talent.

The BRG supports personal accountability, fairness and equitable opportunities, and supports the recruitment of top bilingual talent through strong community partnerships.

V.E.T.S. (Voices of Employees That have Served)

V.E.T.S. BRG held its initial kickoff event in 2014, and taps the strength of, and offers support to, the Highmark Health companies’ employees who are military veteran employees, family members and allies.

The Highmark Health organization has a proven track record of recruiting veterans who are keen to maximize their transferable skills. As an organization, we have so many career opportunities that, whatever your background or specialism in the military, we can take those skills and help you to progress them even further. Our goal is to ensure that you take a step forward, building on the talents you have, growing your knowledge of our sector and giving you the platform to demonstrate your broader capability to lead, inspire and support others.

Find out more about opportunities for military veterans.

Women's BRG

The Women’s BRG was founded in 2012 to “energize the marketplace, workplace and community by leveraging the power of women’s resources.” As a group, Women’s BRG champions benefits that support women in their careers, as well as encourage good communications from Highmark Health leaders and executives. The Women’s BRG has worked on the “Paths To Success” Speakers Series, partnered with the YWCA, and much more.

Executive sponsors

We understand that successful and sustainable diversity and inclusion results can only be achieved by having leadership commitment from the very top. Our diversity and inclusion executive sponsors are key leaders within our organization who are committed to championing our efforts and driving cultural change.

Inclusion Advisory Council

The Inclusion Advisory Council is made up of organizational leaders who serve as diversity and inclusion advisers and champions in their respective business units while helping to drive diversity and inclusion through business integration, employee engagement and cultural change.