United Concordia TRICARE Dental Program

sharon smiling

KAREN: We have a new program coming onboard. It’s called the TRICARE dental program.

SHARON: And what it brings to this company is a renewed sense, or an additional sense, of mission.

KELSEY: We’ll be assisting the reservists and the family members.

SHARON: When you work on a contract like this, and you’re serving America’s finest, it really is important for all of the folks that work on this, they have that touch with members that are going to Afghanistan and Iraq, and also the family members who are left behind who may need some assistance with simple questions like their benefits or help with a claim that needs to be processed.

JOHN: We get to now help everyone, instead of just a section of active duty members.

KELSEY: My husband, he’s in the military and currently deployed. So I’m actually one of them now.

KAREN: My son is full-time military. He’s been deployed many times. He’s been in the service now for about 18 years.

SHARON: Being able to give back to that population, and the feeling of pride and patriotism that our little department has, is second to none.

KELSEY: I’m so excited, so excited to assist not just our members, but the military. They’re like family.

SHARON: We are the heartbeat of health care.

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