Meet Sharon, Health Care Hero & Military Veteran

sharon smiling

SHARON: My name is Sharon. I am the Director of Government Affairs Marketing and Outreach and I’ve been at United Concordia for a little over 10 years. Before United Concordia, I spent 20 years in the United States military. What attracted me to United Concordia was really the Department of Defense, the DOD work, or the contracts that we have.

Although we are a national, international now, company, it’s still a small town feel. So you come and you work at this company and it’s a family feel. And that is pretty similar to the military, where you develop relationships fairly quickly in the military and it’s the same here at United Concordia. So it was not only the job itself, but also the reputation the company and the people that I would be able to get to work with.

I would tell you to choose United Concordia, simply because of the population that we serve, the level of connection that we have with the military, being able to give back to that population and the feeling of pride and patriotism that our little department has is second to none.

One of the adages that I’ve taken from the military is if you take care of your staff take, care of the members, then they’ll take care of the mission. And it’s true. So if we take care of our staff and we take care of our members, they’ll take care of everything else. We are the heartbeat of health care.

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