Meet John, Health Care Hero & Military Veteran

John sitting on chair

JOHN BARANSKI: My name is John Baranski. I’m a Senior Security Coordinator at Highmark and I’ve been here just under three years. I did six years with the Pennsylvania National Guard with the army and I spent about 10 months in Afghanistan in 2010.

I was a turret gunner for the convoy, so I was the guy that sticks out the top of the truck. The Vets BRG is our group here at Highmark. It’s veterans that work here. It can be family members, friends. It can be anyone that wants to support veterans in the workplace.

There’s a lot of skills with the military that can translate here and I think people have a hard time distinguishing what those are and we want to help. Not just hiring veterans, but if veterans are having a hard transition into the workplace, we’d love to help. Sit down and talk with them. And sometimes it’s a hard transition going to a regular 9 to 5 job, as opposed to being in the military.

It’s nice to have that bond and it makes you still feel like you’re connected to the service. And even though I’m not in the military now, I want to help people that are out of the military and want to work together with them.

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