Meet Aron, Application Developer

aaron sign languaage

INTERPRETER: My name is Aaron and I currently work as a Senior Application Developer. And I work within Pega COE. And I have been here for 10 years. Highmark is a health insurance company, yes, though we have a very strong technical presence and we provide a lot of technical services and technical support to many people, especially customer service representatives.

There’s so many applications that we represent for the customers here. And we need to have the technical groups, for example, my group, to develop and make sure that all of our products are running well and are able to support the services that we offer. So IT is definitely a big part of Highmark. There are so many different applications.

I used to develop for local applications. Then, I moved into what I do now, where I support Pega. So we’re using all our different experiences from business to find a way to make things work and to solve problems. So we have to get together and brainstorm and every single week discuss what’s going on. We have to be willing to collaborate. We are the heartbeat of health care.

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