Hear from our Customer Service Representative, Adrienne

Adrienne Customer Service Supervisor Highmark Inc : you tube video

ADRIENNE: My name is Adrienne. I am a supervisor in the Customer Service Unit Partnership. And I’ve been here for 10 years. I have a team of 30 right now split between me and one other supervisor. We also have a support staff that mentors and coaches our team.

I actually started as a customer service rep as well. And I was in that role for approximately three years and then, I became a lead. I transitioned from there to our provider service area as a lead as well. Within three to four years after that, I was promoted to a supervisor in the Partnership Unit, answering their questions, going the extra mile for them, making sure that they don’t have to call five different places to get their answer for what they’re trying to accomplish.

Customer service means putting yourself second and the customer first, not leaving them with any homework, doing whatever you can to go above and beyond for them. Whatever we can do to take the member out of the middle is key to our success. We are the heartbeat of health care.

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