Working Here

alex speaking

ALEX: We have an organization that cares about its employees, that cares about the community.

SARAH: I have type 1 diabetes and so working here helps me know that my employer completely supports what I need to do to manage my health. Not only is there a gym on-site, but anything that I know I need to do to manage my health is completely accepted and understood.

JENNIFER: I would say one of the benefits that Highmark offers specifically to me being a working mom with four kids is the flexibility, having management in leadership that recognize that working mothers bring a value to the positions within Highmark and offering that flexibility.

KRISSY: When I first joined the company, I, at that point, had to quit school. But when I joined, I found out there was a tuition reimbursement program.

MEGAN: Highmark gives a certain amount of money to me every single year to help lower my tuition costs and book costs.

ALEX: One of the greatest benefits is giving back to the community, and we are the goodwill of the corporation. And giving back to the community is something that I think you’ll find very valuable.

DAVID: Highmark– they lead by example. They’re encouraging their employees to set the bar for what they want to see in their patients.

SARAH: We are the heartbeat of health care.